JProf. Dr. Meike Bonefeld

I am working intensively on questions concerning the professionalization of (prospective) teachers. In my research, I examine the educational actions of teachers from an educational science and educational psychology perspective, taking into account the challenges of a heterogeneous student body (in terms of performance, gender, migration, social background). In doing so, I work with quantitative (including longitudinal analyses, multilevel models) and qualitative approaches ( open-ended production tasks, interviews) and use both experimental paradigms (e.g., vignettes) and field studies with cross-sectional/longitudinal designs.

My research interests are:

  • Determinants of teacher judgment bias (student, judgment characteristics).
  • Professionalization of teacher judgment and action (reflection, evidence orientation)
  • Pedagogical action in situations of exclusion in an intergroup context between students
  • Disadvantages caused by and dealing with aspects of heterogeneity in the classroom (achievement, language, migration background, gender)

In both teaching and research, I emphasize a high degree of practical orientation as well as linkages with a wide variety of educational stakeholders. In my teaching I offer courses in the module Education and Socialization within the Master of Education.

Are you interested in working in our research group? There are several possibilities to get deeper insights into our work. We offer opportunities for collaboration in the context of

  • research internship

Would you like to gain experience in research and work on exciting projects alongside your studies or in a transitional phase? Send an email to Meike Bonefeld or apply directly with a CV and motivation letter

  • Research assistance

Our working group is regularly looking for student assistants to support the team in the preparation of teaching and research. This includes for example literature and scale research, handling of statistical software, communication with students and cooperation partners as well as maintenance of the ILIAS courses. If you are interested, please send an email to

  • Theses

We generally assign final theses (Bachelor/Master) to student teachers and students of educational sciences. The topics offered are related to current research projects. A list of currently available topics can be found here. To assign and narrow down your topic, please send an email to

Education and Socialisation

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