Jun.-Prof. Dr. Catherine Gunzenhauser

I am an educational psychologist and junior professor of Education and Socialization.

Self-regulative skills such as executive functioning, inhibitory control, and emotion regulation contribute to social-emotional competences as well as to academic achievement. In my research I focus on developmental conditions of self-regulative skills and on the association between self-regulation and academic achievement. In cooperation with fellow researchers, I combine theoretical approaches from developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and early childhood education.

I focus on the following research questions:

  • How does the learning environment at home and at preschool influence development of self-regulation?
  • How do self-regulation, academic self-concept and academic achievement interact in primary school students?
  • Which processes clarify the interaction of language competences and cognitive as well as emotional self-regulation in children?
  • Which self-regulation strategies do mono- and bilingual children use in problem solving?

In teaching, I offer courses on topics related to development, education, and socialization as part of the curriculum for Master of Education. In my courses it is important to me to give a research-based introduction, but also to point out implications for education and try these out in practical exercises. In meinen Lehrveranstaltungen ist es mir wichtig, sowohl eine forschungsorientierte Einführung zu bieten also auch pädagogische Implikationen aufzuzeigen und mit den Studierenden zu erproben.

Education and Socialisation

Department of Educational Science
University of Freiburg
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