Prof. Dr. Thamar Voss

As a Professor on Teaching, Learning, and Motivation, I aim to contribute to accumulating reliable scientific knowledge on teachers’ professionalization to understand how teachers’ professional competence develops and to understand the significance of this competence for teachers’ professional success. It is important to me that the results of my research can be used in evidence-based practice and that they make a long-term contribution to the improvement of schools and teacher training.
I am a member of the international research group “In search of the good teacher” (Center for Excellence in Research EARLI).
I address important desiderata of research on teachers’ professional competence, such as:

• How can the development of teachers’ professional competence be optimally promoted across the phases of teacher education?
• How important is teachers’ professional knowledge for teachers’ professional success?
• What support do teachers need in the challenging career entry phase?

I am involved in the teacher training program. I place great importance on providing evidence-based lectures. I am a member of the School of Education FACE and the Ethics Committee Freiburg. Furthermore, I am the chairperson of the central exam board for the Master of Education.

Teaching, Learning, and Motivation

Department of Educational Science
University Freiburg
Rempartstraße 11
79098 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 – 20396886
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Office hours: by appointment only – requests via e-mail