Michael Thimm

I am a Research Associate in the section Empirische Unterrichts- und Schulforschung at the Department of Educational Science.

In teaching, I offer courses on education management, theory and practice of education, design learning environments, socialization and education, trainings on communication and presentation, didactics and instructional design, introduction to theory and practice of adult education.

Currently, I am also coordinator for the internship in the bachelor degree course “Bildungwissenschaft und Bildungsmanagement” and I am responsible for the coordination of the orientation internship in the bachelor teaching degree course.


Cognition, Learning, and Instruction

Department of Educational Science
University of Freiburg
Rempartstraße 11
79098 Freiburg

Phone: 0761 – 2039020
Email: michael.thimm|at|ezw.uni-freiburg.de

Office hours: by appointment only