Felix Sprenger

I am a doctoral student in the Department of Empirical Teaching and Learning Research at the Institute of Educational Science. I work in the research and junior research college Di.ge.LL, a collaborative project between the University of Freiburg and the Freiburg University of Education. The goal of the college is to develop digital teaching and learning settings and to investigate how learners can be cognitively activated in a digital learning environment in a targeted way. In the context of my dissertation, I am concerned with text comprehension and the accuracy of self-assessment of text comprehension. I am investigating to what extent the creation of structure diagrams on the tablet affects these factors.


Empirical Teaching and Learning Research

Department of Educational Science
University of Freiburg
Rempartstraße 11
79098 Freiburg

Email: felix.sprenger|at|ezw.uni-freiburg.de

Office hours: by appointment only