Dr. Lena Wimmer

I am a {Postdoctoral} Research Associate in the section {Empirische Lehr- und Lernforschung} at the Department of Educational Science. In the project MYCAP, I contribute to a meta-analysis. This meta-analysis aims to provide a synthesis of the available research on the question how autistic individuals categorize objects or living beings.

In the project ProMiF, I investigate the validation of unreliable information from fiction and nonfiction texts. I am particularly interested in the question what reader characteristics facilitate the validation process in order that these can be promoted through specific training.

In teaching, I offer courses on research methods as well as assessment of learning and instruction.

Currently, I am also coordinator of departmental meetings.


Empirical Teaching and Learning Research

Department of Educational Science
University of Freiburg
Rempartstraße 11
79098 Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 – 2032437
Email: lena.wimmer|at|ezw.uni-freiburg.de

Office hours: by appointment only